Tribe High Schools


TRIBE HIGH SCHOOLS was designed to help the cheerleading community grow the best way we know how – to give each athlete at our affiliate schools an affordable opportunity to work towards self and team improvement and increased results. We understand that many school cheerleading programs have to work extremely hard for practice space and funding, and we decided that welcoming all of our area high schools to our TRIBE was the best way we can help!

There is NO COST directly to the school or the team to be a part of this amazing program! In fact, once you submit your initial rosters you will be enrolled as long as we have an active roster of the squads from your school.


All schools are invited to participate. In order to enroll, you must fill out the squad rosters and coach contact information on the TRIBE HIGH SCHOOLS forms. We will request updated team rosters every three months to ensure we have any new members that you may have added.


When your team is a member of our TRIBE HIGH SCHOOLS partnership your school and the cheerleaders on your team will receive some great benefits for FREE.

  1. All cheerleaders on your active roster will receive our TRIBE HIGH SCHOOLS special tumbling rate of $40/month for a class! Our normal tumbling class rate is $50/month. If you had an average of just four kids tumbling at TRIBE each month for a year, your athletes would save almost $500!
  2. You’ll receive a 10% discount on any two or three-day stunt camp at our gym. For example, this is a savings of approximately $220 for a team of 15 girls for a two-day camp.
  3. Your cheerleaders can attend any of our open gyms FREE of charge.
  4. Your squad can sign up for a FREE practice session before the Iowa Cheerleading Championships in November. This is the perfect opportunity for your team to practice with a great sounds system and to get on real mats and correct any spacing issues before State.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to enroll your school today!

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