Intro to All-Stars

Our Intro to All Stars class runs in set sessions (6 or 7 weeks) and is available for ages 4-12. Intro to All-Stars is a perfect way for your athlete to get a taste of what competitive cheerleading is all about in a stress-free, lower commitment environment than simply diving into one of our full year teams. Athletes in Intro to All-Stars receive the following as part of the enrollment session fee ($150):

  • NEW FOR 2022: 2hr practice each week (5-6pm Tumbling and 6-7pm Cheer) 
  • NEW FOR 2022: Each athlete will be charged an additional $50 for Tribe’s Annual Insurance Fee (if applicable). 
  • Intro To All Stars Performance T-Shirt
    • The Performance T-shirt will be used for ALL sessions for the year. Your first Intro to All-Star session you will be charged the $150 fee
    • During additional sessions during the Calendar Year, you will be charged $125 for the Intro session (your athlete will not receive another performance t-shirt)
  • An Exhibition performance at the TR⇧BE Gym at the conclusion of their last team practice. Coaches start building the Athlete’s performance routine starting at the 1st practice. PLEASE make sure absences are kept to a minimum as it’s very difficult to make a routine when Athletes are missing.
  • Your Athlete MUST be able to be at the Performance in order to partake in the session.
  • These sessions ALWAYS fill – please feel free to register ahead of time for as many as you’d like.
  • Here’s a full list of our  2022 Intro to All-Stars Sessions:
    • Jan 11th – Feb 22nd (Tuesdays  5-7pm – 7 Weeks) – COMPLETE
    • Jan 13th – Feb 24th (Thursdays 5-7pm – 7 Weeks) – COMPLETE
    • March 22nd – May 3rd (Tuesdays 5-7pm – 7 Weeks) – COMPLETE
    • March 24th – May 5th (Thursdays 5-7pm – 7 Weeks) – COMPLETE
    • May 17th – June 21st (Tuesdays 5-7PM – 6 Weeks) – FULL
    • June 1st – July 20th (Wednesdays 5-7pm – 7 Weeks) NO JULY 6th – WAITLIST ONLY
    • August 3rd – September 14th (Wednesdays 5-7pm – 7 Weeks)
    • September 19th – October 24th (Mondays 5-7pm – 6 Weeks)
    • September 21st – October 26th (Wednesdays 5-7pm – 6 Weeks)
    • November 7th – December 19th (Mondays 5-7pm – 6 Weeks) NO NOV 21st
    • November 9th – December 21st (Wednesdays 5-7pm – 6 Weeks) NO NOV 23rd
  • To see current enrollment availability, please contact us or visit our parent registration portal HERE. If you’d like to give your athlete a jump start on their learning prior to starting their intro session, they can join a tumbling class now at the link HERE.

2022 Practice/Performance Shirt

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