Flexibility and Strength Class

This class is dual purpose – to increase flexibility and strength in all types of athletes. This class is perfect for flyers, bases, tumblers, or any athlete wanting to increase their success. Flexibility and strength are both of huge importance in athlete progression and safety as it keeps athlete bodies less susceptible to injury and increases longevity in sport. This 30-minute class meets once weekly and will focus on drills and stretching to increase overall flexibility of legs, shoulders, and back, as well as building strength in arms, legs, and core. To see a class schedule please visit register.ourtribeathletics.com.

The cost for a monthly Flexibility and Strength class is $25/month – which gives you one class per week for the entire month! There is no long-term commitment, you can join at anytime. Click the REGISTER NOW arrow at the top of the page or email us at Office@OurTribeAthletics.com for more information.

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