• When is registration or tryouts for your cheerleading teams?
    • 2018-2019 Full Year Team registration is set for April 14-15, 2018. Please visit our TRYOUT PAGE for all details about Tryouts, and email us if you have any questions at all.
  • How do we register for a class?
    • Click on the “Register Now” button on any page of our website. You will be transferred to our parent portal where you can register and manage your class selections as well as make payments and update your autopay on file with Tribe.
  • How do we use the parent portal?
    • For a detailed description on all of our billing, class registration, and parent portal, please click HERE.
  • What is your coach to athlete ratio?
    • We have the BEST ratio for our classes in all of Des Moines – this is one of the reasons our athletes progress so well! In our Tiny Tribe classes, our ratio is 1:6; in our regular tumbling and JUMP classes, our ratio is 1:8; and in Flight & Flex class our ratio is 1:12. 
  • Which class is the best fit for our athlete?
    • If you are new to tumbling or haven’t mastered the basics, we suggest a Tiny Tribe class for any athletes ages 3-7, or a Level 1 or “All Levels” class for anyone 8+. If your athlete has a back handspring, they can register for a Level 2+ class. If your athlete has a running back tuck, they can register for a Level 3+ class. See below for more.
  • What are the tumbling class evaluations and when do those take place?
    • Our tumbling class evaluations happen every three months (Jan/April/July/Oct) and take a robust look at all tumbling skills that an athlete may have. Each skill is rated with stars from one (attempted), two (learning), three (completed), four (minor imperfections), or five (mastered). For an example of all five-star evaluation skills, please click HERE. Parents are able to view their athlete’s tumbling report card directly from our parent portal.
  • How much do classes cost?
    • All tumbling classes, Tribe Warriors, and Flight & Flex classes are $40/month for one one-hour class per week. If you join in the middle of a month your first month will be prorated – auto-billing then takes place on the first of every month. JUMP class is $20/month for one 30-minute class per week.
  • What is the Anniversary Fee?
    • The anniversary fee is charged to every athlete at Tribe and is the annual insurance and registration fee so we can keep your athletes and our staff safe. Once your athlete’s anniversary date is set, you will be auto-billed on that anniversary date as long as the athlete is still enrolled at Tribe.
  • Can we do a trial class to see if we like it first?
    • Absolutely! If you’re brand new to Tribe, your athlete may do one free trial class prior to registering. You MUST email the office to sign up for a trial class as we keep a strict athlete to coach ratio. You will need to complete a Parent Portal account with all family/athlete info (but no payment information) so we can officially place your athlete in the trial class. Each athlete must also have a RELEASE FORM on file in order to take their trial class.
  • What is Tribe’s make-up policy for classes?
    • You MUST email the office for any make-up class. Make-up classes can only be made within one week of the regularly scheduled class. Space is reserved for the make-up in available classes as we maintain our athlete to coach ratio.
  • What are the different levels in all-star cheerleading and tumbling
    • There are five levels, 1-5, and the skills allowed at each level are specified for stunts, baskets, pyramids, tumbling, and more. Below is a description of each level’s tumbling standards (this is not a full list).
      • Level 1: No experience necessary, cartwheels, round offs, forward and backward rolls, back bends, back and front walkovers, and more.
      • Level 2: Standing back handsprings, round off back handsprings, level 1 skills connected to level 2 skills, front handsprings.
      • Level 3: Standing multiple back handsprings, punch fronts, round off back handspring back tucks, aerials, jumps connected to back handsprings, and more.
      • Level 4: Standing tucks, round off back handspring layouts, whips, standing handsprings to tucks and layouts, and more.
      • Level 5: Jump tucks, twisting skills out of running and standing passes, and more.
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