Cheerleading Teams

We are happy to offer four tiers of cheerleading-specific teams to suit you and your athlete’s time commitment, budget, and desire to compete. From our six to seven week Intro to All-Stars program, to our Elite Team Program featuring the BEST cheerleaders in the state of Iowa ages 6-18, we have a place in our TRIBE for your athlete to learn, grow, and love the experience of all-star cheerleading! Click the links below for details on each program.

1) Intro to All-Stars:

Introduce your athlete to cheerleading | Ages 4-12 | Set sessions | Low cost, low commitment

2) Novice Teams: (Coming January 2022)

Practice January-April | Perform at 1 local competition | All-inclusive pricing | Ages 4-15

3) Prep Cheer Teams:

Practice September-April | Compete at more competitions | Ages 6-15

4) Elite Cheer Teams:

Practice May-April | Compete locally, regionally, & nationally* | Ages 6-18

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