Air Time

This class has one main goal – to give your Athlete time in the air and on drills specific to the skill they are working to perfect in the air. This class is perfect for flyers and aspiring flyers ages 7-18. Flexibility will be built into this 60-minute weekly class to help Athletes perform harder, higher-level skills with ease and confidence. Class size is limited to six Athletes maximum on a talented group of three of our TR⇧BE Staff members, and this is the perfect opportunity to get ready for high school or college tryouts, increase comfortability and confidence in a real-life flying situation, and have fun gaining personal skills. Once available, registration will be done through our parent portal: please visit

The cost for a monthly AIR TIME class is $70/month – which gives you one class per week for the entire month! Please note the premium cost of this class is due to an extremely exclusive class size (six Athletes maximum) with three of our amazing Staff members. There is no long-term commitment, you can join at anytime. Click the REGISTER NOW arrow at the top of the page or email us at for more information.

Due to the nature of the class and limited spots, we will adhere to the following priority guidelines for Athlete enrollment. We encourage anyone interested in being in the class to sign up for a waitlist – please understand that the waitlist may be long and we cannot guarantee you will be able to get into the class.

  1. Athletes actively in a flying role on a Team at TRIBE Athletics
  2. Athletes actively on a Team at TRIBE that the TRIBE Staff believes will fly in the future at Tribe
  3. Athletes actively on a Team at Tribe
  4. Athletes actively enrolled in another class or program at Tribe
  5. Athletes not currently enrolled in other classes or programs at Tribe
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